You Lend, We Help Protect Your Capital

For over 20 years, Druml Group has been:

Helping Banks Confidently Lend to Contractors

Since contractors can go from success to failure in as little as six months, aged financial information isn’t always a sufficient measure of overall risk. Druml Group helps banks identify hidden risks within construction companies to get a more complete risk profile. Our analysis and solutions will strengthen your clients and protect your capital.

We’ve personally witnessed Druml Group’s business advice truly make a positive difference in construction companies and we look forward to many more mutual business relationships together.

— Steve Schultz, Partner – Gallina, LLP, CPAs

Business Analysis for More Secure Lending

When you suspect a loan might go bad or have second thoughts about lending to a contractor, you may desire better insight into your client’s operations. Make sure you’re not throwing good money after bad.

Druml Group uses a proprietary business analysis system to quickly and accurately pinpoint potential problem areas within a contractor and determine remedies. In no time at all, you’ll know the exact risk exposures you and your client face along with tailored recommendations to mitigate them all.


Protecting Collateral and Recovering Loans

Protecting your money often requires the know how to fix tough situations. Whether it’s turning a business around, restructuring a loan, or liquidating assets, Druml Group’s knowledge and construction expertise is the answer. We guide contractors through tough times when they’re often paralyzed by their own condition. When it comes to protecting your collateral and recovering your loans, you can rely on Druml Group for the best safety net in the industry.


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