Turnaround Consulting

Getting contractors headed in the right direction.

Construction is a difficult industry and the faltering economy only makes matters worse. Tough times can fall on any company, regardless of size or age.

Druml Group has extensive experience offering contractors fresh perspectives and breakthrough business insights. When companies are under-performing, we’ll work with management on stabilizing cash flow and crafting a turnaround and restructuring strategy.

Components of an effective turnaround strategy will often include:

  • Interim C-level management
  • Cash flow, working capital and earnings forecasting and management
  • Strategic re-direction of corporate resources and efforts
  • Creditor negotiation and debt restructuring
  • Short term financing
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Disposal of non-core assets
  • Downsizing and overhead reduction

When we’re done, we ensure our clients are equipped with the tools and capabilities needed to continue to improve and grow.