Accounting System Assessment

Make accounting easier with the right tools

At the hub of any accounting department there is a system that tracks and reports cost and financial data. The importance of this accounting system cannot be emphasized enough as it provides both a means to control performance on jobs and across the company as a whole. In today’s highly technological society, the plethora of choices for construction accounting software causes many contractors to find it difficult to choose the right system for their needs; there are simply too many to choose from.

Each individual accounting package has its own strengths and weaknesses and will generally serve one type of company better than another. Matching the right software with the right company is an important element in the future success of a construction company. Make a mistake with the system choice and it can cost thousands in software, tens of thousands in administrative time and potentially hundreds of thousands if it fails to provide the necessary information to effectively control the company.

Choosing the right accounting package involves the consideration of many different factors. At the very least, you must consider the technical aptitude of your existing personnel together with managerial plans for technology integration within the company as a whole. Then, you’ll have to examine desired reporting capabilities, remote access needs, data sharing and archiving requirements. In most cases, you’ll also be faced with assessing how the new system will integrate with your existing software and estimating packages.

Druml Group can help you match your company needs with software capabilities. We perform an in-depth software assessment of your requirements and make sure that you choose the right solution. We continually evaluate different accounting packages and their functions within all types of construction companies so you’ll be hard-pressed to find better expertise of systems and how they can best serve your company.

Contact us today. We’ll make sure you get the right tool for an increased level of control, performance and profit – now and well into the future.