Accounting Personnel Assessments

People are the key to success

In construction, as in any industry, the people you employ are the key to your success. The same principle holds true within an accounting department that produces results in a timely and accurate fashion. Unfortunately, many construction managers and owners still find the process of assessing personnel to be one of trial and error rather than one of consistent success. At Druml Group, we’ve been exposed to many different accounting environments and this in-depth experience gives us the necessary knowledge and expertise to accurately assess the capabilities of all your accounting personnel.

In performing such an assessment it is important to know the realistic expectations that can be made of any individual. Many managers believe that personnel simply fit their roles because they were recruited for them. This isn’t always the case. It is vital to assess if they have the skills to perform under their current job descriptions and assigned responsibilities. They may, in fact, be better able to fill other job descriptions.

In our experience, small to medium sized contractors have often had no exposure to different accounting environments. Their only experience of the function is the one that currently exists in their company – this can lead to a lack of knowledge about what you can reasonably expect an accounting department to produce. At Druml Group we understand the varied dynamics in great detail. We can provide you with an answer to your accounting staff questions that includes a measuring stick for your future use.

You can’t afford to ignore the questions raised by uncertainty about workload expectations. Whether your accounting department appears to be operating to full potential or is falling short of your goals, we can significantly improve its operation. We’ll perform the necessary personnel assessments and you’ll have all the information you need to organize the department in the best way possible. Remember, bring out the best in your people and they’ll bring out the best in your company.