Capital Acquisition

Rasing capital can be a real challenge

When contractors need to acquire capital, Druml Group has a host of resources to help in their search. Sometimes it may seem impossible to raise working capital as a contractor, but it’s not. Druml Group knows which lenders to go to and the preparation necessary to succeed.

While it’s true that many lending sources have steered away from the construction industry due to high risk and uncertain returns, it’s not always the case. Many lenders simply don’t understand the industry and therefore choose to opt-out, leaving the market open to lenders with specific construction experience. These lenders are actively involved in contractor finance, support the construction industry and know enough to turn a healthy profit – these are the people you should be talking with.

Unfortunately, identifying potential lenders is not an automatic solution to the problem of raising capital to support and grow your business. Since lenders are weary of risk, you must first be prepared to present solid and accurate business and financial information that meets their requirements. Then, in order to dispel any concerns, you must show them that you have good control over risk exposure.

Raising money requires a plan. Just as you may have formulated a business plan in the past, you must also follow a specific plan to raise capital. Druml Group will help you formulate the plan and connect you to the necessary resources. Contact us today – we will help you raise the cash you need.