Collection Procedures

Speed = Cash

How much simpler does it get? Collect your money faster and improve your cash flow. Do you know how many contractors conclude that they need money from the outside to solve their cash flow problems? Close to all of them! Why is that you ask? It’s simple, collection is an art but first you need a painter. We are experts at the art of collection and we can paint the picture for you. Our training and techniques are the answer to your long standing problems.

Before you go asking for money from lender, why not ask those you’ve lent money to pay you faster. “Lent to” you ask? Well that is exactly what you are doing every time one of your clients is late in payment. You’re lending them money! It doesn’t have to be that way with the proper procedures in place. It just takes a disciplined system and the right people to deploy it. Let Druml Group deploy a system that’s right for you.

We’re experts at moving money as proven by our creative collection techniques. That is why we are confident to guarantee a reduction in your outstanding receivables, month after month. What goes down (your receivables) must go up (your cash flow)! You don’t need a lender, you need Druml Group.