Management Advisory

Helping contractors excel and prosper

Druml Group is the best management advisor for construction companies that are committed to achieving and sustaining their full potential. As former managers and owners of successful construction businesses, we enable our clients to achieve leadership in their markets, leverage their core strengths, and operate at superior levels of performance.

To run an effective construction operation, many systems, methods and procedures must be in place. Unfortunately, many contractors are either not aware of what needs to be in place or are too busy to implement the solutions. That’s why Druml Group provides all the service solutions needed to reduce business risk, increase efficiency, and improve profitability.

Contractors are judged on real, tangible results, and so are we. We don’t succeed unless our clients succeed and that’s why we often tie our own fees to our clients’ results.

Accounting Management

Today’s successful construction organization needs proven expertise in tracking money. The proper use of up-to-date tracking and accounting methods such as routine financial reporting in the form of a balance sheet, P&L and cash flow statement is critical to running a profitable construction company.

Business Strategy

Earning money is the most difficult of all the challenges encountered in running a construction company; all other challenges pale in comparison. Druml Group consultants are experts in the strategic planning and precise execution necessary to consistently turn a profit.

Construction Claims

All parties involved in construction need to know when and how to prepare a claim for recovery of costs or funds withheld. Even the smallest of errors can result in lost rights and uncollected money. Druml Group helps contractors get paid for the work they perform.

Enterprise Risk Management

Until now, construction companies had limited choices for controlling enterprise risk. Now there is a better option. Druml Group personnel have significant experience in the field of Enterprise Risk Management, with over a decade performing risk analyses and guiding companies down the path of total risk control.

Job Cost Control

Tracking money is one thing, controlling it is another. After all, there’s more to construction management than simply coordinating resources to construct complex structures. A rigid control over money is the fuel that drives our clients to toward efficiency and success.

Receivables Collection

In today’s construction environment, collecting money owed to a contractor in a quick and expeditious manner is critical to cash flow. It’s not always easy, but with the right procedures,improvement of payment cycles is well within reach.

Workplace Safety

Safety equals efficiency, efficiency equals savings, and savings equals profitability. In short, safety equals profitability. Druml Group services are designed to help clients working safe, lowering insurance costs, and increasing profitability. That’s a win-win result for everyone.