Stock Plans & Offerings

Done right, for less

When you’re preparing a stock option plan, bear in mind that sound documents make employees secure. If you’re using an option plan as a means of incentive compensation, you need to create one that employees can trust. This is achieved via a clear plan that presents guidelines and issue regulations. Failure to meet this objective can leave employees questioning the true intent and fairness of your plan.

When you’re preparing a stock offering, bear in mind that sound documents make investors secure. Since the very purpose of a stock offering is to generate investment capital for your construction company, it’s imperative that the rules are set forth clearly and the risks are well identified. Investors expect a structured and detailed format and a concise final document if they are to find the security they seek.

It will cost you thousands to have an attorney prepare your stock-related plans. We can do it better – for less. We’ve seen too many construction companies pour needless thousands of dollars into attorneys’ fees for the preparation of such plans, which is why Druml Group prefers to prepare them ourselves. We will, of course, usually consult with your attorney to get the “final blessing”, but our expertise up to that stage will save you money in the process. If you are contemplating a plan for your company, call us today. By helping you master money, we’ll make sure you save it.