Receivable Audits

Determining real from make believe

Let’s see. Do you really have more money coming your way than you think, or less? That question has a simple answer for almost every contract. The only question is how much less is it? That answer is more important than ever because it has a direct impact on the bottom line of your financial statements.

If you think you have more owed to you really have, depending on how much, this could be a serious problem. Not only does it affect your cash flow, but it may affect the long term viability of your organization. Do you want to sleep at night knowing your receivables are rock solid and not pie in the sky? The only way is to conduct a receivables audit, and that can only be done in a methodical way account by account. Many contractors don’t have the time to conduct such an audit or don’t have the personnel to conduct it.

At Druml Group, we’re experts at numbers and that comes from our financial knowledge of how to run a construction company. You can only know how well your company is when you know how well your receivables are. Let Druml Group do the dirty work for you and to provide you with a professional analysis to identify the accounts that are problems. Since we are experts at negotiating, you just might find that we are a means of recovery as well. Call us today and we’ll schedule your next audit… so you can sleep soundly that is.