Safety Plan Development

Do you want a safety program specifically designed for your business, or one of those canned safety plans that sits on your shelf? Too many safety plans do just that. At Druml Group we believe that a strong safety program starts with a specifically designed plan that fits your company and the specific type of work you perform. If a safety plan is to keep your business safe, the safety plan must specifically address your business.

Unfortunately, there are many companies that produce safety manuals that are designed to only meet OSHA requirements and don’t consider all the necessary elements of a safety program. Equally problematic, many contractors simply purchase these safety manuals and never intend to use them. Even more important is that the safety plan must include a field safety manual to be effective.

The field safety manual should be user-friendly, applicable for any project the company performs and available to all employees, especially those who are most effected by unsafe behaviors and conditions found in the workplace. Clearly, project managers, engineers and general superintendents are seldom affected in the same way as the laborers doing the work. Therefore, a manual that can only be read by a small percentage of the people exposed to the hazards is ineffective and should be replaced by a guide that can be used by all employees.

With a great deal of the construction workforce being Hispanic/ Latino, safety manuals need to convey information in a manner that will promote understanding of complex ideas. Pictures and demonstrations of work tasks are often more effective than written documentation. Having the information translated in both English and Spanish is also important if the contractor truly intends for the program to be understood by all employees in today’s diversified workforce.

As can be seen, a safety plan specific to your type of construction and understandable by the entire workforce are the keys and Druml Group is the source! Please don’t hesitate to call us. We have safety personnel on staff who can start developing and customizing your safety plan today!