Policy & Procedure Design

Morale+Efficiency = ?

In the construction industry, there is a single problem that can have a multiple impact – it causes errors, wastes time and is a major source of inefficiencies. It’s a lack of sound policies and procedures. Successful businesses know that good policies and procedures are directly linked to employee satisfaction, output, efficiency and the elimination of unnecessary errors. Implementing them will help you make more money.

Well-stated and clear policies let your employees know the rules of the game; it’s the structure and knowledge of those rules that allows for their optimum performance. The creation of definitive policies will clarify when they are on or off the right track. Knowing they are performing within company guidelines will help them feel secure in their jobs and encourage them to strive to perform better. Clear policies can also help you avoid potential conflicts and misunderstandings, allowing your employees to proactively plan their lives within the context of their jobs.

The first part of the equation is clear; well-guided employees with a high morale are more productive, and employees that are more productive make you more money. For the equation to work, your policy statements need to be simple, understandable and targeted to all potential situations within any given job function.

What’s the second part of the equation? Good procedures enable employees to work more efficiently and greater efficiency also makes you more money. It is essential to integrate your procedures with actual job descriptions while providing precise direction for cross-position interaction and detailed methods for performing key tasks. In simple terms, you must tell them how and tell them why, which will create a structured framework in which they can work at optimal performance.

Creating sound policies and procedures doesn’t have to be complex. We’ve often found that contractors believe policies and procedures are too difficult to formulate and, without our years of experience, that could be true. It takes thought and time to assemble the types of customized policies and procedures that will empower your employees to perform at their best and with the greatest efficiency.

Leverage our expertise. We prepare policies and procedures with their successful implementation as the priority. Our experience can make yours short, simple, to the point, and easy to understand and adopt.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you solve your own policies and procedures equation and turn your company into the efficient moneymaking machine you know it can be.