On-site Financial Management

An integral part of the team

Knowing how to track money in a timely and accurate way starts with your management team. This sounds logical but it’s not easy since management often doesn’t know how to create an environment conducive to achieving this goal. That is why Druml Group’s management services are provided at your site to create the necessary environment and implement the required tools. We can turn your accounting department into the rock-solid component that drives your company toward greater profits.

In an ideal world, construction managers would aspire to transform their office environment into the hub of company leadership and finance. Only then, would a company run smoothly, effectively and profitably. A strong center of financial control within the office will allow you to expand the rest of your company around it and create a success-oriented atmosphere of accountability and financial control.

Druml Group can help you do just that. We apply our company-building philosophy to install your systems, hire and train your staff and establish your procedures. We’ll ultimately provide you with a system that will produce accurate and timely financial reports for you, the bank and the bonding company. Our solution provides you a level of interim management capable of transforming your accounting department into a star example that the whole company can follow. Once we’ve helped you reach that goal, we’ll assist in hiring a qualified accounting specialist to keep the system we have established in place. Since the hard work is done, you won’t need costly talent to keep it going. You can’t find this level of service anywhere else in the industry.

Druml Group has a strong and successful track record of operating as an interim CFO or Controller in this manner for numerous construction companies. In all cases, we have made a positive impact well beyond the initial task at hand. Our reputation is such that we are often lauded as turnaround experts and identified as a significant reason for the growing success of our customers. We are satisfied just knowing that we helped make a difference.