Construction Contracts

A legal mindset is a must

Signing contracts is one of the most important tasks contractors perform. Unfortunately, it is often treated as the least important task of a contractor’s busy schedule. In fact, the level of importance sometimes sinks to justifying the neglect. Have you ever heard a statement similar to the following: “you can’t change the contracts you receive anyway, so all you can do is accept them.” It sure is easy to sign documents, isn’t it?

The fact of the matter is you should not be signing contracts that exposure your company to risk that could potentially ruin everything your company has built up over all the years. That is the kind of impact that signing an onerous contract can have. Therefore, the contract must be written to leave no room for misinterpretation on basic issues. Ambiguities within the contract language are a key area of concern and different people can give different meanings to the same term.

Sometimes the language can be so ambiguous that who actually bears the ultimate risk for an exposure is questionable. That is why you need a legal minded individual within your company and a professional who can provide the advice you need. Trust Druml Group to give you the guidance you deserve and the contractual strength you should demand.