Business Wind Down

Maximizing stakeholder value, planning for rebirth

Sometimes a company cannot be saved, when it cannot overcome market and resource challenges, and the best decision is to wind down the entire operation. These situations require expert performance under high pressure and severe time constraints. The process can be very complex and emotional and the interests of all stakeholders, including ownership, employees, creditors, customers, and lenders all need to be recognized.

Druml Group’s project management expertise and financial know-how help avoid critical pitfalls that can increase liabilities and erode asset recoveries. Our goal is to maximize the value of business assets and resolve obligations that drain value. Our consultants’ depth of experience means stakeholders’ losses are minimized.

We manage the entire process, including the initial situational assessment and analysis, disposition plan development, retention of resources, and marketing of assets.

Components of an effective wind down strategy will often include:

  • Pre-bankruptcy planning
  • Liquidation analyses
  • Cash flow, working capital and earnings forecasting and management
  • Claims analysis and resolution
  • Bankruptcy accounting and reporting
  • Asset sales management
  • Trustee and receivership services

When we’re done, we ensure our clients have a clear path forward and are honored to assist them in their future construction endeavors.