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Earning money is the most difficult of all the challenges encountered in running a construction company; all other challenges pale in comparison. Druml Group consultants are experts in the strategic planning and precise execution necessary to consistently turn a profit.

Unlike many other industries that simply have to rely on a few predictable variables to determine profitability, the construction industry is far and away more complex. In construction, one of the main objectives is, of course, to earn money, but it’s not that simple. Profits are dictated by numerous variables, some of which are beyond the contractors control. Some construction professionals have described the industry like a bucket of money full of leaks. We’ve prepared a graphic to place this thought into words.

Leaky Bucket of Money

There are only a few ways to fill the bucket and plenty of ways to empty it. Since the nature of the industry is unpredictable, it is considered to carry particularly high risk. Consequently, lenders, insurers and bonding companies are all wary of the business risk associated with contractors. Assessing and minimizing risk, therefore, is not just a key component of success within construction, but is also something contractors absolutely have to do to alleviate the concerns of these potential partners.

This is where we come in. We know that there are two ways to control risk in a construction company. The first is in the field and the second in the actual running of the business. Our solutions focus on the business side. Many contractors know how to master the building of structures but don’t necessarily know how to master money and control construction risk.

We offer solutions to help our clients assess and build a strong business foundation that will help manage the risk their companies undertake. Only then can they guarantee the future success of their business.