Crisis Management

Providing quick, effective action under pressure

When a company’s financial position and operating environment move from a turnaround to a crisis situation, quick, decisive action is necessary to preserve value, achieve stability and avoid insolvency.

Druml Group has extensive experience dealing with contractors in crisis, both on behalf of the contractors and on behalf of their creditors. In times of crisis, we provide immediate attention to the most critical issues facing the company, prioritize their magnitude, and implement the necessary actions.

We understand that in all crises, there are small windows of time when businesses can be saved, when erosion of value can be inhibitted. We are experts in resolving conflicts through negotiated solutions, and ensuring all stakeholders are working toward common goals.

Components of an effective crisis management strategy will often include:

  • Interim C-level management
  • Cash flow, working capital and earnings forecasting and management
  • Strategic re-direction of corporate resources and efforts
  • Creditor negotiation and debt restructuring
  • Short term financing
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Disposal of non-core assets
  • Downsizing and overhead reduction
  • Retention/severance plan development
  • Pre-bankruptcy planning
  • Liquidation analyses
  • Bankruptcy accounting and reporting

When we’re done, our clients are content knowing that all critical issues where addressed head-on in the most efficient manner, leading to the best possible outcome.