Receivables Collection

Helping contractors get what they deserve

“Getting what you Deserve” usually has a negative connotation, but with respect to collecting receivables, that is precisely what you want. In today’s construction environment, getting the money you deserve in a quick and expeditious manner is critical to your cash flow. Since simply running out of cash is the primary reason for contractors to go out of business, the word critical is quite appropriate.

You probably know that construction has one of the longest payment cycles of any industry, averaging almost 69 days. Construction is also an industry moving one of the highest amounts of money through our economy as compared to all others. It is no surprise then that moving that money quickly into your pocket is an important element to succeeding as a contractor. Not only does that relieve dependence on working capital from outside sources such as banks, but it also saves the expense of interest.

In construction, there is something about cash and production that seem to go hand in hand. When the cash moves smoothly and it does not have to be chased, then construction projects and business itself seems to run better and more profitable. There is no question that collecting cash can be a distraction to everyone in the management chain from project manager to CEO. When intellectual capital is spent focused on collecting money that you’ve already earned, then it is not being used to produce and generate a profit, and that is a problem.

This is precisely why Druml Group provides separate services focused on collecting your money faster and providing a greater level of confidence that the amounts you believe are owed to you are in fact accurate. If you’d like to shorten your payment cycle and improve our cash flow, then call us today. We’ll provide the systems you need to make certain that you get what you deserve… so to speak that is.