Workflow Design

Improved workflow means greater productivity

It only makes sense that when work flows effortlessly through your business it costs less to perform and creates an even greater capacity for more work. Although many perceive workflow design to be trivial, it can streamline office processes, increase employee productivity and minimize the potential for errors. Smooth workflow systems will allow your business to manage increased work volume without corresponding increases in overhead. In other words, your staff can do more because they’ll be more efficient.

One of the primary benefits of a well-designed workflow system is improved communications, particularly in an accounting environment. Accounting is an exact science and most finance functions require multiple employees to handle the work – good communication, therefore, directly impacts their performance. Our experience has shown us many different accounting arrangements over the years, allowing us to develop targeted procedures that will get the best out of your accounting personnel.

For example, you may have experienced accounting issues that remain unresolved or are handled incorrectly. We would recommend an open-air environment that allows your accounting personnel to easily interact. In this environment your staff will be able to directly communicate on issues that require a flow of information, often leading to the quick resolution of potential problems. In this instance, we always encourage well-planned “cells” of individuals that perform like tasks, with a leader responsible for hand-off and the resolution of open issues.

It may seem like an odd question but have you considered the time your staff spends walking? A poor office layout can require staff to walk quite a distance to resolve issues, using up valuable time. Our experience indicates that your employees will lose 15 minutes of productivity each time they leave their seats and, on average; they will interact with at least two other people while they’re on the move. You’d be amazed at how quickly these numbers add up, particularly if office layout is poorly planned. Conversely, some employees just can’t be bothered to get out of their seat because of the distance involved, so they leave unresolved issues at their desk – where they will remain unresolved.

Whether your company is large or small, you can count on Druml Group to make sensible and timely recommendations to improve your workflow. We will increase your efficiency, reduce your errors and create a more positive office environment along the way, and we’ll save you money too!