Team Building – Interview & Hiring

Great personnel make business easy

Sourcing the right personnel can be an arduous task with no guarantee of success. You’ll either spend valuable time or money going through the hiring process in-house or entrust responsibility to recruitment agencies in an attempt to meet your needs. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find the right hire at the right time in today’s construction marketplace and hiring mistakes cost – they waste time, money and inhibit potential company growth.

Druml Group can offer you a proven alternative. Our team-building solutions will not incur the large fees charged by recruitment agencies and you’ll be secure in the knowledge that you are working in partnership with industry experts. Our sole aim is to find the best fit for your company. The interviewing process is time-consuming and difficult; it’s not part of the daily routine and therefore necessitates the deployment of valuable time. This is fine if you’re constantly interviewing candidates with the right fit. The problem is that most of the time you spend interviewing will be lost time since candidates that look good on paper often do not live up to expectations.

We provide a job formulation and screening service that helps you define exact job specifications before we locate the perfect match. Candidates apply directly to us and then we undertake extensive telephone interviews and conduct thorough reference checks. After this screening process, we can reject the ‘lost time’ candidates and recommend those you’ll want to recruit. Our candidate database has been built carefully over time and covers an array of positions for any type of construction company – this allows us to creatively cross-search to ensure you get the best fit.

Our clients trust our knowledge and experience to find the best candidates for any accounting position in the industry; we free their time to do what they are best at.

The key to your company success is people. Call us today and we’ll open your door to quality personnel who will help increase your profitability.