Succession Plans

Long term success depends on succession

Succession plans, although frequently considered unnecessary by construction management, bring essential advantages to any business. A sound succession plan will foster senior management loyalty, create an incentive-based atmosphere and represent to the external business community that you are serious about the long-term continuity of your company. An increasing number of corporate activity surveys actually identify succession planning as a growing influence in determining the lasting success of any enterprise. In fact, evidence shows that effective succession planning ensures that an organization will have trained and capable managers to guide its growth.

Business succession planning gives you excellent insurance when key people leave your organization. In today’s difficult construction recruitment market, there are fewer layers of middle management available to fill key roles – it is therefore vital to identify potential successors early and give them appropriate training so that disruption is minimized when the time comes for their move to more senior roles.

Succession planning requires serious thought, planning and action before the unexpected occurs. It can even work towards improving your staff retention rates. With a well-structured succession plan in place you’re basically offering your employees an incentive to stay. Developing strong banking and bonding relationships are important to your continued success and it shows creditors and guarantors that you’re going to be there, are actively planning for the future and a relationship with you could be long-lasting, satisfying and profitable. They will know whom they will work with in the future and that relationship can even be nurtured in advance for a more fluid transition when the time comes. All of these positives will help guarantee that you’ll get the funding and bonding you need to grow – and earn more money as well.

Druml Group has the expertise you need to develop a sound succession plan. Give us a call today. Our services will help you secure your company’s longevity, solidify its image, entrench your key employees and improve your important relationships. With our help, you will have the power to take care of the future now – later it will be taking care of you!