Construction Claims

Demand full compensation for work performed

All parties involved in construction need to know when and how to prepare a claim for recovery of costs or funds withheld. Even the smallest of errors can result in lost rights and uncollected money.

As the cooperative environments we used to enjoy are becoming a thing of the past, most industry-wide participants have had to become extremely protective of their money as well as any potential liability. For example, architects and engineers have begun to follow a trend of “less information is safer” to protect themselves from claims arising from allegations of professional malpractice. The end result is that construction contractors may now find themselves incurring costs that are not actually their responsibility – their efforts to be reimbursed for these costs, when combined with an owner’s distrust, often lead to claims actions.

In order to weather inevitable disputes with owners, a construction company must know how to recover money. Contractors have every right to be fully compensated for their work; however, in today’s market they must also know when and how to prepare a claim for recovery of costs or funds withheld.

Without a partner like Druml Group to protect you in this regard, just one simple failure to guard your claim rights, and adequately collect money that is rightfully yours, can spell the demise of your company.

Putting claims protection on the back burner just doesn’t work – to find out how we can help secure your future, call us today.

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