Job Cost Control

Helping take control of costs

Any construction company must know how to control their money in order to keep it. Tracking money is one thing, but controlling money is another, after all, there is more to construction management than simply coordinating resources to construct complex structures. A rigid control over money will be the fuel that will drive your company toward efficiency and success.

Control over money is achieved in two different ways. First by undertaking an ongoing comparison of cost versus progress and taking corrective action as necessary. Second, by implementing decision-making a project. The former method is proactive in real-time while the latter is reactive according to final results.

In any case, control over money can only be achieved by paying close attention to these two types of costs combined whit a healthy dose of discipline. To put it simply – you must manage cost properly in order to succeed. It is this level of cost management that controls the actions and equipment and estimating.

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