Lien Procedure Training

Securing position to secure money

The idea of filing a lien has a negative connotation to those who owe you money, and so it should. How many times has a subcontractor been convinced to not discuss the possibility of filing a lien only to lose their lien rights, lose their money and lose their business? The answer is plenty! Aside from successfully building a project, successfully protecting your money is number two in the line of importance. That is why we take it so seriously.

The statistics prove it; the vast number of contractors that go out of business run out of cash, often because someone else has it. Knowing the lien process, how to protect your rights and how to file a lien if necessary are important tools to assure payment on projects you perform. Equally important are the use of Stop Notices as a mechanism to ensure payment.

In either case, the knowledge and technique must be known and we can train you to do it right. Did you know that the procedure for doing so differs from state to state? We’ve got the perfect solution. Call us today and we’ll show you the way.