For over 20 years, Druml Group has been:

Helping Build Strong, Secure Companies

Contractors can go from success to failure in as little as six months. Druml Group helps contractors identify and control hidden risks within their companies. Our analysis and solutions will strengthen and secure your company, ensuring your success.

Druml Group guided our restructuring, revamped the accounting department, trained the accounting personnel, put in place quality project management, and dug up a contract provision that recovered over $500,000 of monies that I never imagined collectible.

— Mark Swanson, President – Bridger Construction

Fast Identification of Profit Drains

Inefficiencies and hidden problems can eat away at profits and cause unexpected losses. Druml Group uses a proprietary business analysis system made strictly for contractors. No matter your business, we can provide you with a quick, accurate check of your company’s health and rank against others in the industry.


100% Permanent Solutions

Contractors have enough fires to put out to last a lifetime. That’s why Druml Group provides complete, permanent solutions. We address problem areas by installing and finely tuning policies and procedures. We do the heavy backend lifting, so you can focus on what you do best.


Real Shareholder Value

Contractors are judged on real, tangible results, and so are we. Druml Group’s services are designed to build long-term
financial strength and security for your company. We aim to improve your profit margins by raising efficiency and reducing costs and we aren’t satisfied until you see results.


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