Crisis Leadership

Thrive when business gets tough

When a company is under performing, timing is critical. Delays in addressing problems can quickly lead a once profitable company to a distressed situation. In times of crisis, we first assess business and financial conditions, analyze cash flows, and stabilize operations. Then we meet with shareholders, employees, vendors, and creditors as necessary to build consensus and reestablish trust and credibility.

With stakeholders aligned, it’s possible to negotiate additional time, explore all corporate options, implement recovery strategies, and execute an achievable turnaround plan.

Business Viability Analysis

When starting from square one, a business viability analysis is essential. Using our proprietary system, we can quickly and accurately pinpoint potential problem areas and determine remedies.

Turnaround Consulting

We consider companies that can be sustained for at least 12 months with current systems to be turnaround situations. If your company is under-performing, we’ll work with management on crafting a turnaround and restructuring strategy.

Crisis Management

We consider companies that cannot be sustained for at least 12 months with current systems to be crisis situations. These situations call for strong leadership. We determine the most critical issues facing the company and then quickly and effectively address each of them by priority.

Business Wind Down

Sometimes the best solution for a company in crisis is to wind down under-performing divisions, or the entire company. These situations are complex and emotional. We work hard to maximize the value of business assets and resolve financial obligations that can erode value, while balancing the needs of all stakeholders.